"Nam World" Synopsis:

A corrupt Florida Vietnam theme park and the 2001 Nine Eleven attack provide backdrop for a Vietnam veteran's sixty day struggle to free himself from thirty years of self-confining post-traumatic stress. A chance meeting with a woman damaged by the same war, suffering her own survivor's guilt, offers hope and redemption if he will undertake a three thousand mile journey from Daytona Beach to San Francisco to reconnect with her. The novel explores the human cost of mental casualties from overseas ground wars, Nine Eleven a connecting point between Vietnam and Mideast conflict in the 21st century.


2012 Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Awards, 3rd Place, Mainstream Literary

“This work is creative and unique, and the author’s techniques are quite effective, a different approach.”                                                                               —judge’s comment


2015 Writer’s-Editors Network Unpublished Chapter Competition, 1st Place (Chapter One) “Depth of characters, story action, and insightful narration mark the beginnings of this important novel.”                               Description from “Meet Our Contest Winners,” 6-1-15


“This book made me laugh and made me cry. A compelling survivor’s story made  me believe these characters are real, observing the returning war veteran with wonderful understanding.”                                                                                       —Sue Parkerson


“The mix of small town ‘good ole boy’ politics, sex, and the detailed characters made for a thrilling and ‘what will happen next’ intriguing read. Knowing Daytona Beach made it all so interesting and real. I couldn’t put it down, even on vacation, had to get to the next page to see what was happening with the characters. I could see each, as in a movie. Jeff is a master of word usage. Very enjoyable!                                   —song stylist Lorale Mullins


Read an excerpt from“Nam World”:


         “…He hoped the buildings knocked down by passenger planes were part of the same bad dream, wishing he could hit a rewind button and turn back the clock, resurrect all the lost lives from terror attacks that had not really happened. But he knew they had.

        This new Ground Zero dream had displaced the thirty-year nightmare of his death, a vision leaving him trussed and tagged in body bag darkness. On a thousand other nights he’d awakened thrashing and screaming, his brain programmed by some permanent trauma. Other men had returned from the war, lost their battles with dreams and demons and committed suicide. Retreating, taking cover, keeping stress to a minimum, Gavin Dobbs had survived.

        He saw lights on in Miss Davis’ house. It was past six, the hour when she fed Blackie and began her chores. The dawn of a new day celebrated life as if the preceding day of death had never occurred. But national mourning had already begun. A reckoning was due.

        Someone would pay. After the dead and presumed dead were counted, consequences would be prescribed, imposed, and suffered.

        Killing required more killing.

        War created war.”



The writing of this story would not have been possible

without the assistance and mentoring from the

following organizations and people:

Daytona Beach City Island Fiction Writers

Florida Writers Association

Jeanne Boyle

Michael Carlson

Mary Custureri

Colleen Garrett

Veronica H. Hart

Bob Hart

Sue Parkerson

Luna Pearson

Trish Ruffino


Vietnam Vets:

Dennis Sines

Jerry Rosamilia



Jeff Boyle

Ormond Beach, Florida

Nam World novel by Jeff Boyle, Ormond Beach Author

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"Nam World"

is dedicated

to all combat veterans,

those suffering from

post-traumatic stress disorder,

and the twenty-two veterans

who take their lives each day.




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